What is the Domain name of a website?

A domain name is your site name. A domain name is a location where Internet clients can get to your site. A domain name is utilized for finding and distinguishing PCs on the Internet. PCs use IP addresses, which are a series of numbers. However, it is hard for human beings to keep in mind the strings of numbers. Because of this, domains were evolved and used to perceive entities on the Internet in preference to the usage of IP addresses.

DomainTypes of Domains are:

TLD: Top Level Domain

CCTLD: Country Code Top Level Domains

GTLD: Generic Top Level Domain

Other Domain Name Types

Second-Level Domains


Free Domains


Each domain name has an addition that shows which high-level domain (TLD) it has a place with. There are just a set number of such domains. For instance:



.gov – Government offices

.edu – Educational organizations

.org – Organizations (charitable)

.com – business

.net – Network associations




The domain name has to be registered before you may use it. Every domain name is unique. The two sites don’t have a similar domain name.

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